Using data to improve services for pre-service nursing education: A toolkit

2020-01-23 connect learns tool utilization of evidence in decision-making

This training tool kit aims to increase the skills and knowledge of pre-service nurses to use data in the monitoring and improvement of health services. Specific learning objectives include:

  • To improve understanding of the links between data collection, analysis, reporting and use of data for program improvement
  • To improve understanding of the nurse’s role in data collection, production and use
  • Build skills to use data to monitor and improve health services

The training materials are designed to help nurse educators conduct effective training of pre-service nurses in the concepts of data demand and use, data analysis, data presentation and interpretation, data communication and data-informed decision making. The training materials also highlight the nurse’s role in data collection and data quality. The tool kit provides nurse educators with user-friendly, modifiable training components to adapt for specific university, college or nursing school contexts. The modules can be presented sequentially over two days or they can be separated to supplement existing material of a similar topic.