Outcome mapping resource database

2020-01-24 connect evidence-informed decision-making learns network worldwide

The Outcome Mapping Learning Community is a global, informal, open membership network for sharing information and facilitating learning on using Outcome Mapping for planning, monitoring and evaluating complex interventions. It is one community among many in a growing field that recognises the complex and interconnected nature of developmental change work and hence the requirement for appropriate and adaptive management tools that emphasise individual and organisational learning. At a practical level, OMLC members support one another in learning and applying the Outcome Mapping methodology, showcase and exchange their experiences and contribute to the development of the methodology. The OMLC focuses on six domains in pursuit of the vision (see below):

  1. Steward the development of Outcome Mapping to maintain its relevance and keep up with innovations in theory and practice.
  2. Facilitate learning and knowledge sharing among members about planning, monitoring and evaluating complex interventions through the use of Outcome Mapping.
  3. Support and model appropriate application of Outcome Mapping for complex social and environmental change.
  4. Demonstrate uses and usefulness of Outcome Mapping as a method for planning, monitoring and evaluating interventions in complex situations.
  5. Explore the complementarities and compatibilities between Outcome Mapping and other planning, monitoring and evaluation approaches.
  6. Engage and influence planning, monitoring and evaluation of the wider social and environmental change field through the principles and practices of Outcome Mapping.