Systems thinking in evaluation

2020-03-02 connect learns monitoring and evaluation publication

The Systems in Evaluation Topical Interest Group (SETIG) of the American Evaluation Association (AEA) has developed a set of principles to guide the use of four core systems concepts in the design and implementation of an evaluation. The primary purpose of these principles is to support evaluators and evaluation stakeholders in the use of systems concepts in evaluation.

These principles are the result of a multi-year dialogue among SETIG members about the practice of systems-informed evaluation. SETIG members are committed to cultivating this dialogue and deepening our understanding through study, practice, and reflection. The SETIG may refine the current version of the principles to reflect new knowledge and experience. The principles will play an important role in core SETIG activities such as communications, education, and conference proposal review as appropriate. For example, the principles can be used to explain concepts central to systems in evaluation, and to provide a starting point for those new to systems who want to learn more about how to use them in evaluation.