Gallery of African EIDM Stories

Stories compel the heart. Stories evoke emotion. Stories stir the imagination. What better way to express the human element of the work of the Africa Evidence Network (AEN) and its members than stories? Here in our gallery of African evidence-informed decision-making (EIDM) stories, we have multiple series.

To capture the influence of AEN on the personal as well as professional lives of our members and colleagues, the AEN embarked on an exciting venture to speak with our members to understand the role of AEN in their journeys. Read their stories in the Stories of Change category.

The African evidence ecosystem is brimming with examples of successful EIDM in action. In our Evidence Matters series, we speak with members of this ecosystem about the changes they've affected with their EIDM efforts and the lessons they've learned in doing so. Please browse through our inspiring Evidence Matters stories to learn more.

Have a story for us? Get in touch via the AEN secretariat