Africa Evidence Week 2021 event: Evolving evaluation culture and practice in Africa: a case for Kenya

Webinar  2021-09-13 8:30 a.m.    2021-09-13 10:30 a.m.

Africa Evidence Week 2021 event: Evolving evaluation culture and practice in Africa: a case for Kenya

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In Africa, monitoring and evaluation (M&E) is evolving. Initially as donor and NGO-driven agenda, to the latest evolution of governments increasingly taking it up. The professional networks under AFrEA are increasingly getting strengthened and positioning themselves to influence the development discourse alongside the academia. 

In Kenya, the National Integrated Monitoring and Evaluation System (NIMES) was established in the year 2004, in the effort to reform the public sector towards more evidence-based development results for the invested resources. Over the years, the Ministry of Planning and National Development through the Monitoring and Evaluation Directorate (MED) have been spearheading the government’s M&E mandate.  

It was within this background that the Evaluation Society of Kenya (ESK) was initiated in the year 2008, to fill the long-standing gap of a vibrant network in terms of professional input. Its core mandate is providing professional affiliation, certification and accreditation for practitioners. This includes promoting evidence-based development with increased uptake of evaluation, by rallying around the multi-stakeholder efforts of the NIMES and other regional and global linkages like the AEN.  

ESK jointly with MED are coordinating multi-stakeholder efforts to promote the evaluation of the Sustainable Development Goals, Kenya Vision 2030, and professionalization of the practice through a Technical Working Group (TWG) under the EvalSDGs Global Network.

This ESK-organized webinar will showcase the TWG' work with a special focus on MED/ESK and academia roles, based on the prevailing African, COVID and other challenging contexts.

Session chair: 

Gordon Wanzare, ESK Chairperson


  1. Status of Government-led National Integrated M&E System (NIMES), by David Waga – Monitoring & Evaluation Department (MED) 

  1. State of academia’s linkage to national evaluation, by Prof. Bernard Nassiuma –  EvalSDGs M&E Curriculum co-chair, Moi University 

  1. Riding on national evaluation towards the practice’s professionalization journey under EvalSDGs agenda, by Julius Limbitu – ESK CEO 

  1. State of Africa’s evaluation, by Dr. Moses Oyagi, ESK Treasurer 


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