Evidence 2020

Conference  2020-09-21 8:00 a.m.    2020-09-25 5:00 p.m.

The Evidence conference is the biennial conference hosted by the Africa Evidence Network. Evidence 2020 is being designed to be a working conference that will foster collaboration, facilitate dialogue, and move forward thinking, practice and action to advance the use of evidence in decision-making across the continent. This preeminent event will aim to advance the African evidence ecosystem by building on and moving forwards the work of the previous Evidence conferences (2014 Colloquim, Evidence 2016 and Evidence 2018).

As with previous Evidence conferences, Evidence 2020 will be the most diverse of evidence conferences around the world, attracting participants from all sectors across civil society, government, academia and all in between, spanning all types of evidence to inform the full range of decisions from understanding the issues, to assessing the impact of interventions to address those issues.

Happening from 21-25 Septemeber in Uganda (city to be confirmed), Evidence 2020 will be the culmination of a number of collaborative workstreams prioritised by Network members and facilitated by the Africa Evidence Network Secretariat. The event will lead to concrete outputs such as collaborative activities, funding applications, and position statements on priority issues in evidence-informed decision-making.

Evidence 2020 will employ a range of innovative approaches to facilitate networking and collaborative dialogue, maximising opportunities for participants to engage with one another and with the high-quality content shared across both our traditional and online conference platforms. The conference will use technology in new and exciting ways to enable virtual participation, reduce our carbon footprint, and increase the inclusivity of our event. Read more about Evidence 2020 in this concept note

Evidence 2020 is a conference like no other you have ever been part of.

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