Integrating data demand and use into a monitoring and evaluation training toolkit

2020-01-22 connect learns monitoring and evaluation online materials

This training tool kit aims to guide monitoring and evaluation (M&E) workshop facilitators on how to integrate data demand and use concepts and tools into existing M&E training workshops by providing training slides, skill-building activities, and facilitator guidance. The overall learning objectives of the tool kit include: 

  • To increase understanding of the basic concepts and practical approaches to improving the use of M&E data in decision making
  • To build skills in data analysis and interpretation, data presentation, and data feedback
  • To gain hands-on experience in linking data to the decision-making process by using MEASURE Evaluation tools to facilitate data use

This tool kit provides M&E workshop facilitators with user-friendly, modifiable training components to adapt for different contexts. The modules can be presented as suggested, or separated to supplement existing material of a similar topic. Regardless, this guide will assist facilitators in ways to best incorporate data demand and use concepts into their M&E workshops.