SUPPORT resource tool for using research evidence in policy making

2020-01-23 connect guideline learns tool utilization of evidence in decision-making

Developed by the SUPporting POlicy relevant Reviews and Trials (SUPPORT) Project, this SUPPORT tool provides questions to help decision-makers implement an evidence-based policy in practice. The five questions guide the process of identifying barriers to implementation, and then tailoring the implementation strategies to address identified barriers and facilitators.

Implementing evidence-based policies can be a challenging process. This tool supports the Implement step in Evidence-Informed Public Health (see NCCMT's online learning module to learn more about the Implement step). Other resources in the Registry of Methods and Tools that could assist users in working through this SUPPORT tool include tools for:

This tool is part of a series to support the use of research evidence in policy making. The SUPPORT series includes 18 tools that address four broad areas:

  • developing organizational support for evidence-informed policy making
  • identifying needs for research evidence for policy making
  • finding and assessing research
  • moving from research to action