Systematic review and meta analysis

2020-03-04 connect learns monitoring and evaluation synthesising evidence for decision-making tool

The International Centre for Evaluation and Development (ICED) in partnership with Campbell Collaboration facilitates training in Systematic Reviews and Meta-Analysis.
The training is offered to people interested in understanding how evidence can be synthesised and used to inform policy and decision making. The evidence for making policy, programme and practice decisions is best based on careful analyses and syntheses of multiple studies. These may be studies of the same topic or across several areas of a single program.

This workshop presents the scientific principles, methods, analysis, and reporting standards that guide the process of conducting systematic reviews and meta-analysis in social sciences. In addition, the group will be introduced to the process of registering titles and protocols, and conducting reviews with the Campbell Collaboration, and work in groups to produce titles for registration.

The goal of the training workshop is to equip the participants with relevant knowledge and skills for conducting systematic reviews and meta-analysis.