EVIDENCE 2020 is going online

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The world is facing a new challenge with COVID-19, and as Africans, we are being called to respond by having solidarity, hope, and the ability to adapt. The biennial EVIDENCE events hosted by the AEN have a reputation for being exceptional, and EVIDENCE 2020 will be even more so because it's going digital

EVIDENCE 2020 will take place online from 23 to 25 September 2020. 

When it is safe to do so in light of COVID-19, our Ugandan colleagues will enjoy hosting the AEN at an in-person celebration event. But for now, the AEN secretariat will take time to carefully plan a digital EVIDENCE 2020 that continues to live up to its reputation as the most innovative, engaging, and exceptional EIDM event in the world. Join us in exercising our solidarity, hope, and ability to adapt. 

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