Facilitating data use for gender-aware health programming

2020-01-22 connect evidence-informed decision-making learns monitoring and evaluation publication

This document provides guidance for designing and implementing a two-and-a-half-day workshop on gender analysis of routine health data to inform evidence-based decision making. Through lectures and group activities the workshop introduces and defines gender concepts, provides tips to interpret gender-disaggregated data, applies the Gender Analysis Framework tool to understand underlying causes of gender gaps, and facilitates gender integration planning into ongoing health services. The guidance document can be used to expand efforts to mainstream gender into the analysis and interpretation of monitoring and evaluation (M&E) data for health services throughout a health system. Specific learning objectives for the workshop include the following:

    • interpret routine data to identify gender-related service disparities;
    • assess and prioritize potential reasons for gender disparities;
    • identify actions to address prioritized causal factors; and
    • identify indicators and a plan to monitor changes over time.