Final Evaluation of the Building Capacity to Use Research Evidence (BCURE) Programme

2020-01-28 africa connect evidence-informed decision-making learns network


The evaluation used a realist approach to explore how and why capacity building for evidence-informed policymaking works and does not work, for whom, to what extent, in what respects and in what circumstances. It encompassed annual internal programme evaluations of the six BCURE projects, a literature review, an impact case study of a non-BCURE capacity building initiative, and annual synthesis reports. This final report summarises insights from across these components. Findings are based largely on qualitative interviews with more than 500 stakeholders over three years, including BCURE programme staff, participants in BCURE activities, non-participating colleagues and managers, high-level government officials, and civil society stakeholders. The evaluation also draws on BCURE monitoring data and programme documentation, and where possible government documents such as policy products.